Rosemary in partial shade

owlman22August 4, 2008

We're considering Rosemary for a ground cover on our bank. We're thinking a creeping variety that stays low would be best for our needs. My Sunset book indicates that Rosemary requires full sun. Our slope has sun during the day (mostly mid-afternoon), but is shaded by adjacent trees during the morning hours and in the late afternoon. Our soil is clay with amendments.

Do you think that creeping Rosemary would do well on our slope as long as it has some sun during the day?

Thanks for your help

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Established rosemary will grow quite well in own plant is now in much more shade than sun and still blooms beautifully and has not become too leggy. How easily you can get newly planted rosemaries to establish in a shadier location is a bit of a toss up - they do thrive in sun :-)

What about creeping fig or Rubus calycinoides? Both have a growth habit not too dissimilar to the rosemary, are evergreen and far more shade tolerant. Maybe Fragaria 'Lipstick'??

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