Ajuga - aggressiveness of

pacnwjudy(z8 OR)September 18, 2005

Hi -

I've planted some Ajuga Chocolate Chip in my semi-shady parking strip. Also there are aspidistra and a recently planted choisya ternata 'Aztec Pearl'. I know ajuga can be sort of aggressive. Could it be aggressive enough to overwhelm the other plants I have there?

Should I add some sort of root barrier around the other plants? The fellow at the nursery advised me against planting vinca minor because of it could swamp other plants so that's why I went for the ajuga reptans.

Also, is it conceivable that ajuga could creep under the sidewalk and emerge on the other side? This may be the silliest question of the year...or not. I'll wait to find out.

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I must admit I did get a bit of a chuckle out of that :-)) No, your ajuga will NOT pop up on the other side of the sidewalk. If the aspidistra and choisya are of decent size (1 G or more), the ajuga will not bother them either. 'Chocolate Chip' is a very diminutive cultivar of ajuga and is unlikely to be a threat to any larger plant. In a climate very similar to yours, I don't find ajuga to be very aggressive at all, certainly not compared to some others. I even find vinca very manageable.

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not in my neck of the woods, that's for sure- the bronze and burgundy ajugas seem to be quite well behaved- to the point I'm a little disappointed in them, since I WANT them to take over a few places, and they're being more polite about it than I'd like :)

nice evergreen cover in your neck of the woods, I would think :)

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my friends entire backyard was ajuga the stuff went freakin insane they only mowed a couple times a year though

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qqqq(z7 AR)

I grow Chocolate Chip -- my summers are hotter than in Oregan but the plant is behaving VERY WELL. In fact, I wish it were a tad more aggressive.

I've had it two years and just divided it this year.


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aisgecko(7b Raleigh)

I don't find it too aggressive in the shade. My other plants seem to have no problem coming up inbetween it. I have seen it in sunnier locations where it forms a rather dense matte. It won't creep under the sidewalk, but it does come up from seed so it could pop up elsewhere. I would just pull it if it comes up somewhere you don't want it. For me it is not an aggressive self-seeder and I don't have problems with it getting too thick. Also it does seem to pull out easily enough. -Ais.

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I think it will grow more aggressively in the sun but it is easy to keep in check.

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ellix(augusta ga)

Can ajuga take over grass??

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ellix(augusta ga)

Do you think ajuga could kill out the grass in my yard if I planted some??

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