strange gourd find

phyllis05(7 ark)July 12, 2012

I have around 2 acres of hardshell gourds planted, and today while walking in the patch I found a pear shaped gourd about 6 inches in length. But what was strange about it on the but end oppisit the stem there are 3 leaves growing out of the gourd. I am new to growing gourds but have never seen anything like this. Also they are suppose to be indonesian bottle gourds in this patch not pear.

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I'd take the lack of responses as an indication that no one has heard of that, I certainly haven't. Care to share a picture?

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That is interesting...I have yet to come across a gourd like that. Were the plants from seeds you harvested from your own gourds? If so, the initial gourd could have cross pollinated and none of the signs showed in the gourds from the last harvest.

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