English Ivy - too $$

Toronto_GardnerSeptember 19, 2005

i want to plant a large area with english/boston or thorndale ivy (i really can't tell the difference).

any ideas on how to do this without breaking the bank? can you start this from seed??

btw, got some cheap ones at the fall sales but still need tones more).

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Thorndale is just a very cold hardy cultivar of English ivy, Hedera helix. Boston ivy is a different plant altogether, Parthenocissus tricuspidata, a deciduous vine not ideally suited as a groundcover.

Since English ivy is typically sold in its juvenile form and doesn't flower or fruit until its adult, arboreal stage, propagation is primarily accomplished by cuttings or divisions. If you can afford to be a little patient, it generally spreads quite rapidly - in fact, it is considered highly invasive in some parts of the US and for sure in B.C. Cuttings are very easy to root, but I'd wait until spring. Same with division - you want the plants to become established before you mess with them much.

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thanks gardengal.

re boston ivy - oops, i meant baltic ivy...fingers too quick.

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If you want ivy, I've got tons I'm pulling up in my yard. I'll send it to you for the cost of shipping.

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creatrix(z7 VA)

Yep, ask around- if someone has any, they will probably share.

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where are you? in Ontario?
also, is it easy to move english ivy around? and replant?

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Toronto Gardner,

Sorry. I didn't notice that you were in Canada. I'm in US, don't think I can ship plant material across the border without a cites. But to answer your question: the darn stuff grows practically anywhere. Its easy to replant. I bet you could sprinkle cuttings on the ground, cover with a little soil and water. It is extremely invasive!

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If you want to propagate English ivy (Hedera helix) quickly and cheaply, take some small cuttings, remove lower leaves and place in a small vase of water. Before you know it you will find they have grown roots and can be planted out.

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buffburd(z5 NY)

hankela, have you still got any of that ivy around that you could ship me? I'm looking for some to grow on my chain link fence for more privacy. Thanks.

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