How should I mulch my groundcover?

diannelmtSeptember 3, 2010

I have decided on a combination of blue rug juniper and blue pacific juniper to cover a small embankment in front of my house.

I have already sprayed roundup and killed all of the grass. I really need to mulch because the dead grass will be unsightly in between the shrubs until they fill in.

I have a slight slope and don't want to use weed cloth or plastic as the mulch will slide off. Should I just mulch over the dead grass or put something down to prevent weeds before mulching? Burlap sacks or something that would prevent the mulch from washing away, or will I be okay with just mulch directly on the ground?

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Noone responded to your question, and I know it is late, but I though I would because I have Blue pacific juniper too on a slight hill, same situation.
I buy the hardwood mulch that is cut long, not really small pieces, try to open the bag a little to see how the mulch is cut.
You can use hardwood because juniper is technically a shrub, even though is isn't tall.
Just mulch every year real good with the hardwood mulch and you should be fine.
Don't forget to water on a flat spray setting in the heat of summer so they grow better.
Good Luck.

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