Strange pumpkin leaves - what's going on?

gardenwebmanJuly 24, 2010

Hi folks,

This is my first message here. I love this forum.


I am getting these strange leaves suddenly from my pumpkin vines. It is happening only to the newest leaves that come out. Furthermore, my female flowers are dying before blooming. I'm on on week 9 (I planted my seeds on May 19th 2010)

Take a looksee:

Why is this happening? What can I do to help my pumpkin patch?


I saved seeds from last year's pumpkin which I bought at the store.

I created a 1 meter(about 1 yard) round mound with ph between 5.5-6, and got a 90% germination rate. Thinned the mound to 3 pumpkin vines. Lots of male flowers have been blooming since week 4, but female ones (had 2 so far) have just browned and died (it's now week 9). More are coming.

Weather:Been hotter than heck at 95 degrees and humid the last 10 days, and it rained for 3 weeks almost every day before that.

Why is this happening? What can I do to help my pumpkin patch?

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Doesnt look like its heat-induced to me. I would think there would be more brown leaves. Looks like it's more related to a bacteria, fungus, or pest.

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I'm sorry to see that in your patch :( It is definitely a virus, looks like one of the mosaic viruses. Unfortunately that plant is a loss, any fruit will be deformed. You can try cutting out the tip and throwing it out. Hopefully the lateral branches will be ok.

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