Winter squash: from first male buds to maturity?

plantslayer(8)July 11, 2010


I planted my squash out late this year, and from transplant (we had a very cool spring and I did not think the weather was good enough to germinate outside, nor to put transplants out). After sulking for a while the plants I have are pretty healthy looking, but it is already the middle of July almost. Some of my squash plants are just starting to show male buds at the base of the plant. I am wondering, if these squash varieties generally mature in around 90 days, and we are expected to have temps in the high 70s or higher until early September, do you think these guys will be able to have well ripened fruit before it gets too cool and damp for the plants to survive in late September?

Last year I planted out early maturing squash about a month earlier, and they were mature well before the end of August. So I am hoping these guys will make it.

Thanks for the advice!

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General rule of thumb. Blossoms appearing means they are around the halfway point.

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Hmm, well I hope they aren't stunted or something then... they are just barely beginning to vine, but they have buds near the base. They might have been kept in the pot a bit too long before transplant, and they were not healthy for several days after being transferred, though they look healthy now. Well, if I can just get a couple fruit off of each vine that will make me happy regardless.

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You should still have fruit by Fall. Though you are in zone 8 you shouldn't waste time with transplants. You have a long enough season to just direct seed. Transplants, especially if left in the pots too long, are very slow to establish and a direct seeded pumpkin will easily lap the transplanted one.

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Actually, this year we had a hot, dry spring, so I started my squash in pots as well, close to the house[and the hose!] where I could watch over them, and care for them better. Some of mine are about at the same place, just beginning to flower, as of a wk. ago. The plants look healthy and happy, so I'm not worried about it. We normally have warm weather well into October, so I think they'll ripen just fine......if I can keep the critters from eating them!

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