muhly grass

sauna(6 nw arkansas)June 22, 2005

am wanting to plant a few pink muhly grasses...remember reading a post from someone who said, they grew other varieties of this grass...

my question is for any one growing any variety...what are your likes/dislikes , which ones do you favor...any comments you want to share...thank you

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AgastacheMan(z7 CA)

I have no dislikes with Muhlenbergia capillaris and "Regal Mist", if that is what you are referring to as pink muhly. I grow many other varieties of grasses, yet m. capillaris is one of my favorites. Other favorites include Panicum v. Dallas Blues, Muhlenbergia dumosa, Muhlenbergia japonica variegata, Eragrostis spectabilis, Eragrostis trichodes, Miscanthus s. Rotsilber, Anemanthele lessiona, and both Schizachrium scop. "The Blues" and "Blaze". Although with those favorites in mind, those are only a fraction of the grasses I grow.

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sauna(6 nw arkansas)

i'm sorry i guess i was not clear...i was asking about
Muhlenbergia grasses...any varieties within these...

i looked up alot of the grasses you mentioned and they are beautiful!! sadly, it seems Muhlenbergia capillaris is hardy only to zone 7...don't know why i thought 6...anyone growing these furthur north than seven?

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sage_lover(z6 OH)

I have 3 pink muhly grasses in zone 6 which have come back for 2 years so far. So far they are not nearly as impressive as the photos I have seen. I suspect they do not thrive in our heavy clay soil which I amended just a bit. Also a landscape co. has cut them way to close to the ground during "spring clean-up." Next year I will cut them back myself! It is such a cool plant, I think you should try a few.

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sauna(6 nw arkansas)

thank you...good to know they come back in ohio... i think i will try a few.

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dereks(6 Utah)

I'm attempting to grow this grass in zone 6. I has made it through 2 winters. I have never seen it bloom. Also, this year the growth is very thin. I think the hot season is not long enough here. I would guess that Arkansas has a longer summer than northern UT. If that is so, you would have better luck than me. I have it growing in sandy soil.

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sage_lover(z6 OH)

The growth on mine is thin also, but I got an ok bloom last year. An ok bloom was not what I was hoping for. (Wanted it to bloom like it does in book photos of course!)

Good luck sauna. Hope your soil drainage is better than our clay up here. If not you may want to amend it more than I did. Agastache would probably be more helpful in regards to what type of soil this grass prefers.

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smalljaw(z 6b mid TN)

I'm in Nashville and ours has been down below zero and come back . We have big sweeps in front of the best Panicum v. 'Northwind'. STUNNING, especially here in two weeks . I see plants all the time listed as 7b that come back here reliably . Zonal denial . Muhlenbergia dumosa rocks , unfortunately have yet to have this overwinter , will try again .Muhlys seem to like it hot,dry, and sunny . Try Mu. cap. 'White Cloud' .

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Rick Darke, in his Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses, lists M. capillaris as "hardy to zone 6, possibly colder." I cannot overwinter it, however, in my zone 5 garden, despite my best efforts (but will probably try again). Ironically, I ordered from a nursery in Connecticut (zone 5) that lists this field-grown (dug up, then potted) grass as hardy for them. Go figure.

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Does muhly grass ever get pruned during the winter or spring season? If so, how far down would you prune the bush? I live in Florida and the plants are two years old and have bloomed very well the first year. There seems to be some ded foliage and I wonder if that should be pruned off?

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It should be cut down in late winter in your zone. Cut it down to a couple of inches tall.

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For zone6 early season planting will help.It needs to be well established before winter. If you wait until it's blooming you will likely be dissapointed.

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