July 18 blooms

nat4b(4)July 18, 2014

Some new, some not posted, and a follow-up on posted previously

Ruffled Lemon Piping

Forever Redeemed - I need to finish cleaning that area so I can get closer to this
and other dls growing there. Too many weeds ;)

Utopia or Oblivion - FFO

tall noid

FFO on spidery noid

Katrina Heroes

Siloam Show Girl just started

Yesterday's Secrets with a diff looking pattern today

American Doll - such a cutie! But with an average bud count of 4 lol
Compare to registered 40! It's a small plant though.

Pleated noid starting to be more 'normal' looking

but still has its unusual blooms :)

and Raspberries in Cream - it's um.. not performing very well here :) Short, just a few
buds, this is the best opening of the season.. but until I find something of the same
color-form but better it stays because it's one of my favorite faces


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shive(6b TN)

I love your pleated NOID! But then I'm a fan of pleats. Raspberries In Cream is SO pretty. I tried it twice here without success. I hope American Doll improves its bud count in the future. I've never gotten anywhere close to 40 buds on mine - 17-18 in good years.


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Thanks Debra! Of all the 'novelties' I like pleating too. Undercurrent has some pleating here too. I hope Am.Doll improves too. JKO is doing fine as is Linda's Magic. I am pretty sure they are all related.
Hopefully somebody soon will come up with a better plant with RIC's looks ;)

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Raspberries in Cream does have a very pretty face. I wish it was a better performer for you. The pattern on Yesterday's Secrets is beautiful, and I also like the pleated noid. It reminds me of Anatomy of Change.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

You have some pretty ones today, I like that first one,Ruffled Lemon Pipingits very pretty.I like that tall NOID too, love that color. and Yesterday's Secrets is really pretty, too.


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Julia NY(6)

I like the first pic of the pleated NOID but Forever Redeemed looks great with all those buds to go yet.


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Whatever issues the flower may have, your photo of Raspberries in Cream still made me go "Ooooooh!"

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Thanks everybody!

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Maryl zone 7a

Raspberries and Cream does have a pretty face even if she's not performing as you would like....That lavender Katrina Heroes is sure nice and the dark purples are wonderful too including the NOID which looks to be more of a raspberry purple........Maryl

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My favorite is Raspberries And Cream.....it sure does have a very pretty face. Really like your pleated noid too.


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