When will I get Female flowers?

binkalette(Minnesota)July 19, 2009

So, my Pumpkins have started to flower, this morning my first two flowers opened :-) It looks like all of the flowers and all three of my plants are ALL male though.. there's no little round bumps under any of them.. Do female flowers come in later or is there something I'm doing wrong (like fertilizer or watering or something)? Thanks for any help!

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when did you plant them and what type are you growing?

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I planted them into a large pot the beginning of June.. We just bought our house this spring and putting in the garden took more work than we thought since the soil here was about 4 inches of black dirt, and the rest was all clay.. We ended up excavating the clay from the area where we wanted to put the garden, and then we used landscaping blocks to make a large raised garden and filled it with a truck full of garden soil. I got the pumpkins in the ground the last weekend of June. They are the 'Jack O Lantern' type of pumpkin.

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Usually, the first flowers on cucubitas , that open on the main are males(not always). To get more female flowers sooner, pinch off the tip of main(when long enough). Then latteral branches will grow that will have more female flowers.

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thanks y'all. i've been wondering if i had a bunch of freaks growing out there. this is my second unsuccussful try. damn those bees!

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Good news! I got my first female flower today!!! :-D!

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It took my plants awhile before I got females and the bees were not coming out because of all the rain we had been getting. The rain has let up and the bees are out and I have 5 for now that are growing. Good Luck

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It is my understanding that with some plants, the main stem produces male flowers and the branching vines will eventually produce the female flowers. Nothing will set if the temp gets over 90F degrees, and if the female flowers aren't pollinated early in the morning. Temperature will also affect the production of female flowers on a plant. Also try adding a little extra phosphorus and a bit of epsom salts to your watering regimen. Once it starts to get cooler, you should see more female flowers. Don't ever pinch or prune a squash plant's populous vines.

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Here's the first pumpkin :D

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