Worms eating my squash?

rustyolranger4x4July 1, 2009

The last few days ive had an outbreak of some sort of catapillar/worm boring into my squash fruit. I planted crook neck squash and havent had any problems but all of a sudden my squash all have small 1/8" holes in them and ive cut a few open and they have a green worm about 3/4"-1" eating them and they excreet a yellow substance id assume is squash guts back out of the hole in the squash. Ive done a search for common squash pest and honestly havent found a picture of what I have. Everything ive been turning up is squash beetles. Thanks, sean

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Try squash vine borer.

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Nope that isn't a squash vine borer. What you have there is a pickleworm. The larvae are greenish and they will bore into the actual fruit as opposed to the SVB which focus on just the vine. They are common in the south I have never had the unfortunate experience of meeting one firsthand.

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The pickleworm appears to be correct, Thanks!

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