grass in some sun

sauna(6 nw arkansas)June 18, 2005

i have a question....i have a difficult area that is between/under maples...vinca is thriving there...i want to plant micanthus variegated here...i get sun from sunrise to about ten oclock in the morning and maybe some filtered sun for a couple of hours in the early evening...

i accept that the grass will not grow as quickly as if it were planted almost anywhere else, but i am wondering if it will grow, and in a year or two even get wider taller...

can anyone help me with this?

thank you

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hard to tell but competing with tree roots sounds like a bad idea, and if lawn grass wont grow there either it sounds less than ideal. regular Maiden grass will grow at least somewhat in less than ideal conditions but will not get as tall or "flower". it probably will grow and live in that light but may not be very impressive

you could try Ribbon Grass which is variegated buts grows like a weed, extremely easy to divide and spread. might be anough sun for it to do okay, doesnt seem very picky about soil

Japenese Forest grass, Hakone grass, does well in just morning light but might need better soil and watered alot

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You could also grow other grasses that are less sun-needy, like the Woodrushes (Luzula) and Northern Sea Oats (Chasmanthium). I have a lovely Snowy Woodrush growing in the shade and root system of a huge Black Locust, and it seems to be thriving. Sea Oats and Sweet Vernal Grass (Anthoxanthum) are in the same bed, and also doing fine.

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sauna(6 nw arkansas)

thank you for the replies...i do think it is an impossible situation...but a large variegated grass would sure look pretty in my mind there...alas :-)

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