Cushaw yellowing and die off

Farmer_Cornish111July 6, 2014

I was given some seeds that a woman said were like Cushaw but another strain is 100 years old and kept alive buy her family. We also bought a squash or two from her. It was the most delicious squash ever. I think we bought a 19 pounder.

The seeds from her produce an squash Like Cushaw in every way but much darker green and taste.

She told me she has wonderful success growing right in manure. I only added two bags of mix.

Halfway through the season my leaves in the center of the hill started yellowing and dying. I have 4 vines and squash on each one and the die off is happening equally on each vine.

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Are the fruits mature? A lot of my squash have already started dying off but most have already produced 3 large mature fruites per plant. The male/female flowering timing on my japanese (pie pumpkin) cushaw plants were WAY off so I only got four mature fruits out of three plants. The two plants that produced, have mostly died off but the one fruitless plant is hanging on...

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