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btropical256(7a Philadelphia PA)July 5, 2007

Ok My pumpkin area was doing really good it filled the area full and was putting pumpkins out left and right. There was 10 at one time and i have like 8-10 plants all evenly spaced throughout the area. Now this is at a community garden and not in my yard. Now just as a possibility to the cause there was a problem this year with manure. Now the gardens that put the manure that was provided there gardens have like nothing living in it due to the acidity from what i believe. Now the garden next to me is one of them and not sure if it would do anything but the one area of the patch toward there garden is dead too. and it seems to spread upward from there. Possibly rain washing the acid into my pumpkin area. I grew pumpkins for a while but last year i realized that there was the vine borer in which got mostly all my plants last year. WEll my vines are acting up and i tried alot harder keeping on the insecticide and fungicide to prevent the borers and leaf fungus and also foliage spray. I have a few pumpkins on my plants and a few are getting big. These are dills atlantic giants ,d'etempas , gurneys giant magic, big max , and wyatts wonder. So i have a atlantic thats like 20 pounds or so and is growing rapidly and also some wyatts wonder on my plants and a few others but those are pretty big and there growing nicely i would like to keep them going if possible. the vines with the big pumpkins dont seem infected at all whatever it may be. I have pictures below from the dying area of the patch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks,

The one pumpkin

the problem

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Since no one has replied to you I will take a stab at it. If you are in a community garden and the problem is on the edge of your patch isn't it possible that people (or deer) are walking on your vines. I remember when I used to participate in community gardens there was this one time when this guy just walked all over my vines. I was in my plot and he just came over to talk to me and just stepped on anything in his way. How is your patch doing now, it has been a couple weeks.

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