Lysimachia nummularia - Creeping Jenny/moneywort

molowryOctober 13, 2013

I have some creeping jenny in a shady spot under a sweet gum tree along with some hostas, impatients and some other part sun and shad plants and all are doing well but the moneywort or creeping jenny (it's always been moneywort to me). The leaves are smaller than normal and getting abnormal venation and then getting brown and crunchy. It's still growing but it small, loosing the green color and spreading slowly. It gets partial sun there and plenty of water. Dogs don't pee on it (that I can tell, they prefer the mum's to be honest). I bought all the plants at the same time and the moneywort put in other locations is doing well, even in spots with less sunlight. Is this a bug? Disease? Nutrient deficiency? I have never had this happen with moneywort before. And sorry the pic is sideways, not sure why that happened!

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