Pachysandra is taking all our lawn away ~ I want to stop it now.

arleenOctober 2, 2006

A total of 4 applications of Roundup didn't kill the Pachysandra. Yesterday I dug a moat around the 12' round circle of pachysandra growing in the middle of our lawn and tossed the soil into the middle of the circle. I was thinking of using more Roundup in a watering can with a stronger solution and then after that hopefully rake out the plants. If it still doesn't work I'll see if I can get a landscaper to help. It was originally growing around a beautiful Japanese Maple tree which is now long gone and my mother let the pachy keep spreading into the lawn. I'd love some input on this ~ thank you.

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What a challenge! By creating that moat you may have halted any further outward growth. V-shaped moats are what my dad used around our trees in NY. I think the roots were halted at that line and essentially air root-pruned. I'm no fan of chemicals, but short of digging out the whole mess and sifting the soil to remove all the remaining root bits, you may not have a choice but to try more Roundup or call a landscaper.

If you would be interested in creating a planting bed in that spot, you could smother the stuff by repeated layers of wet newspaper, shredded leaves, grass clippings, and peat moss. This method is currently called lasagna gardening and is based on the old farming idea of sheet composting. That's how I've set up all my flower beds. No digging is involved. You just lay the materials on top and keep them moist so that they can break down. Maureen

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