Zucchini leaves getting extremely pale

lorensayJuly 9, 2012

When I planted my Zucchini the leaves were dark green. And slowly but consistently the leaves have really taken on a yellowish-green, to the point where the entire plant a really, really pale green and very unhealthy looking. Not just the old leaves, but the new leaves as well. The plant still seems to be growing fine, but I'm really concerned.

Could this be the product of overwatering? What else could be causing this? What can I try? I'm getting pretty desperate!

Thanks for the help!

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whats your watering schedule? most likely its over watering or a nutrient problem. can you post a picture?

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let it wilt a little then water again if color comes back then you know what it is. sounds like a nitrogen defiency maybe due to over watering.

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Hi thanks for the messages.. it's actually continues to be quite strange. I did lay off the watering for a few days and I used a probe and just watered again when it registered 'dry'.

My girlfriend is convinced that the plant isn't yellowing/pale, but she's wrong. :) I'm posting some photos. The most interesting photo is the one that shows several immature Zucchini that have not yet blossomed. Notice how several of them are normal colored, but the one at the bottom of the photo is *bright* yellow as well as the one slightly behind it. It's odd, because i'd say that 35-40% of the immature Zucchini are coming out that color, yet the other Zucchini are just fine. Even the flower on the yellow ones are odd-colored. Almost white and reddish. I've already harvested 3 fully healthy, dark green Zucchini, and one of the photos I'm posting show's another that's about to be harvested (a little over 7 inches).

What do you guys think?? Is it a disease? An odd DNA mutation that's causing some of the Zucchini to come out without pigment? Are they healthy to eat?


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Guess I can only post one photo at a time.. this one has the normal looking Zucchini with a normal looking immature Zucchini and a few of the yellow ones. I have more photos.. let me know if you'd like to see those as well.

Thanks again.

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Here.. one last photo. A better image of the yellow Zucchini. I apologize for so many posts..

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I just posted on your other thread. The yellowing zucchini flowers are normal. These are just flowers that are aborting, never to flower. Nothing to be concerned about and not in the least bit unusual.

Also the pale color much more likely from a lack of nutrients now that we see you are growing them in a pot. Squash are huge plants and heavy feeders, give them some fertilizer, any sort of vegetable fertilizer will do.

Also as the plant continues to grow it will suck up more and more water, be sure to keep an eye on them and water as needed. Zucchini can get blossome end rot too, like tomatoes. This happens because the soil is not kept evenly moist.

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