need help with pampas grass

gwen(East Texas)June 23, 2005

I've had my pg for about 7 years and need to ask a question, (i did do a search) I'm wanting to take I guess you would call them plugs or pieces to transplant and I really didn't know how to do it. Do I just go to the bottom and start hacking or what? Sorry to ask such a blantantly dumb question but I would kinda like to do it right, it's for my dad, who bought some for me a few years ago and I would love to give him a start of mine, instead of buying some.

Thank you,


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If it's really Pampas Grass (Cortaderia), the best time to divide it is in late winter/early spring. Give it a haircut, and dig up and divide the rootball. Pay close attention to it from now until then, and watch for any weak sections of the clump (like the center), and cut them out when you divide.

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gwen(East Texas)

thank you donn for ur help, may i please show my
ignorance, when i bought my first 5 from my local
nursery, i was told that it was pampas grass. so
thats what i automatically believed. it is now a
very large clump of grass approx 7 foot tall. with
blonde plums, when you deal with the blades, if u
go with the grain its smooth but go against, it will
cut you. so is this not pampas grass, it really
doesn't matter, whatever it is I LOVE IT!
thank you again for ur delp.

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The nursery should know, Gwen. Your description sounds right, especially the sharp blades. I mentioned it because the term 'Pampas Grass' is frequently used (like Xerox) as a catch-all name for any tall ornamental grass.

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gwen(East Texas)

okey dokey, just wanted to make sure, i wasn't doing that.
(that xerox thing) :-)
thank you again for your help.

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