Drastic Garden Changes - moving

TriciaAugust 10, 2008

Actually I am thinking of moving - downsizing. The last child will graduate this year and I don't want to continue to maintain a 4 bedroom house for 2 people. With an eye to putting the house on the market in two years I think I should drastically downsize my front yard garden and make it more suburbanized curb appealish.

I thought perhaps I should hire a designer to check out what I have that could be used in the new design. Any suggestions for who to hire for this kind of project. I am in East Cobb/Roswell. With what won't be used in the new design I thought maybe a fall "come take what you want" event might work. I hate to throw it out but potting it up and saving it until I know where I will be doesn't seem realistic.

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shot(8 - GA)

Snoogie, congratulations on getting your family raised and out of the nest. Think that is about all that can be expected of us in the way of parents.

We got our last two out a few years ago and the silence now is deafening... lol
Imagine, leaving a piece of apple pie and coming back later and it is still there...

We have just a modest three bedroom home and now just two as one is for guests. The third we turned into our computer room as wife and I each have our own.

I can't help on the design factor, just wanted to give you an "attaboy".


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Thanks Shot. I am a very excited about the thought of downsizing. I am quite sad about getting rid of the plants. I just don't see any way to keep them alive, healthy and show the house. It is hard enough keeping them looking good with the water restrictions.

I've gotten a couple of referrals from friends and acquaintances for landscapers for the new design. I thought after the design I would post a list of what will be going and see if anyone wants it. If no wants it, I guess it will get shovel pruned.

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

Ed Szczesniak is a friend who is a landscape designer in our area. I can personally recommend him as an honest, friendly, man who would be a pleasure to work with. I believe he'll charge you a flat rate for a design - if you don't wind up pursuing installation with him. Good luck with whomever you choose to go with. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Georgian Landscape Design

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

I too plan on down sizing in 2 yrs,if the economy is any better.My husband died last yr. so it is just me in a 4 bedroom 2 story house with almost 2 acres.I have hundreds of plants but am hoping the next owner will like gardening as much as I do.I do not plan on taking anything except a few daylilies and a couple of roses that are sentimental.I am in Dahlonega.Alot of people are moving this way.I just hope I can find a small house in or near this area.If you put your plants on freecycle.com-they will be taken quickly.

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Moonphase, I'm sorry for your loss. If I lived on 2 acres I would hope that someone interested in the outdoors or even gardening would want to purchase the place. Since I am in suburbia I'm thinking it is not as likely to sell with the plan-less garden that I have. With the drought it also doesn't look as nice as it has in years past when I could water so it needs to be minimized.

I will check out the freecycle.com if gardening friends and acquaintances don't take the bulk of the material.

Thanks Susancol for the referral. I need to get calling for designs to stay on my timetable.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I posted a recommendation and a link, but I see it was removed by the powers that be. There is an excellent garden designer in your area who has done a wonderful job on a garden here in my neighborhood. The company is Eco-Terra. The designer (who is not me, and I don't even know her at all) down sized the garden and made it very low-water and easy to manage while making 'sense' of the spaces.


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don't forget craigslist.com - you may be able to find homes for your plants through this website, by giving or selling. No one has mentioned the fall trade so far - maybe GWers might be interested in trading some plants with you

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