Help improving my potted zucchini plant

skald89July 21, 2014

To start off, I will note my big mistake. The pot has garden soil in it. I did not know there was a difference at the time.

As it grew and developed flowers that have reached to the point of opening and closing, I trimmed out some stems below the flowers. Weeks later, I have almost no flowers and only one zucchini growing. Any tips on how I can get it to grow better?

I am in zone 6 / NYC

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how many (weeks) later? i would say that the pot is to small, a 5 gall bucket would be best. not sure if this is of any importance, but this year, my zuch's are not doing well either, so maybe it is not the year for them>>???

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2-3 weeks later. Today I went out and the single zucchini looks like it is growing

How do i measure the pot to know the gallon size?

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the very easiest thing to do is, run to any hardware store, and they should have 5 gal buckets. lowes, ace home depot...and really the garden soil is just fine if you have more. i would add some more soil to the pot, if you have more add in some coffee grounds and eggshells.....or kitty litter (unused) . and is the guy in full sun?

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