Watering Thyme: Establishing ( versus maintenance)

jeffery1October 3, 2006

When trying to promote spreading of plugs for a thyme lawn, should you still let soil dry out weekly right after planting? (especially area i am using is not well-drained and too rich).

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Just like anything newly planted, the roots mustn't dry out while they're trying to attach to their new surroundings. A lot of plants attach within a week or so. Just tug on them gently every few days. Maureen

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I would not keep them overly damp. If soil is rich and not particularly well-draining, watering only enough to keep the roots slightly moist is sufficient. Too much moisture will result in root rot or other fungal problems. Although very adaptable, creeping thymes prefer lean, very well draining soils, full sun and minimal water once established.

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