need to order/plant ground cover now... help !!!..

jellybeanoNovember 15, 2006


Can anyone, please, suggest a fast growing, green ground cover that you can walk on, is good in clay soil and does well in sun and part shade?? I have 1/4 acre that is full of 'wild onions' which I am now digging all up [as it took me all year to get rid of them!! and I'm sick of em..] I need to plant something in their place right away, before the heavy rains come to Oakland,Ca... Can somebody please suggest a good ground cover??? thanks, judy

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You are way out of my zone, so I hesitate to say anything. Except I sympathize. Also, I've tried a number of ground covers in my area that according to the garden books, should have done beautifully and didn't!

My problem with growing ground covers is record drought two summers in a row and the trees overhanging the ground cover soaking up every bead of moisture! Amount of moisture is something to be mindful of!

That said, you should be able to grow just about anything in your area in sun / part-sun.

Wish I could be more help. Good luck!

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Have you been to your local garden center (or good retail nursery - not a box store)? West coast nurseries are open year round and a local one will carry a range of plants suitable for your specific location and most have staffing that will assist you in making informed choices based on your growing conditions.

Rupturewort, Herniaria glabra, is a tough, low growing evergreen groundcover that is adapatable to both sun and shade and is tolerant of heavy soils. It doesn't do much - few flowers - but it takes foot traffic well.

I don't mean this as a slam at you Judy, but I always wonder why folks don't access local resources first before posting on what is essentially a forum with worldwide readership.

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