Vinca minor?

davidrrDecember 2, 2007

I'm looking for a ground cover for a bare patch of lawn.

The area is about 25'x50', is located beneath a large Sugar Maple, and is bordered on 2 sides by a tree line (Box Elder and woody brush). Once the trees leaf out the entire area is very shaded, all day. I have some hostas that grow well here, but I've had no luck with grass. I am in zone 4 and get heavy amounts of snow.

Vinca minor seems to be recommended here frequently; would this be a good choice for me? Are there others?

I need something that will tolerate some traffic (foot and paw), as well as the heavy shade. I'd rather plant something here than use mulch, if at all possible. Thanks very much!

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

I'm wondering if some of the native violets would do the job for you. V labradorica (or whatever the botanists have decided on recently!) will probably give you leaf cover if not flowers so long as the ground hasn't been pounded hard by raindrops falling from the branches. Violet doesn't seem to be a plant that causes allergies in pets - unlike Tradescantia, for example.

Don't know how it does in your area: I find Vinca minor becomes quite leggy in shade.

For the shadiest and least used areas - are there any hardy ferns you could use? Some of the creeping ferns (like Davallia, though that might be tender for you) can be very useful and drought resistent in such areas under shady trees.

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Thanks very much for the suggestions, and I'll look into those plants. I would definitely be fine with leaf cover, and no flowers, if I can just get something established here.

I'm hoping to try several plants in the spring to see what works, before I plant the entire area.

Thanks again!

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