Do your Seminole's need spraying??

dancinglemons(7B VA)August 21, 2009

Hello all,

First time Seminole squash/pumpkin grower. The literature mostly asserts that the Seminole is not bothered by bugs or disease. So far so good for my 3 plants. I understand that because the stems are solid the Squash Vine Borer can not kill the plants - again - so far so good. I probably should stop worring about these plants but my beautiful Red Kuri with 4 huge squash ripening has just been totally killed by something - I suspect SVB but can find no entry hole.

What does anyone think -- Seminole -- no worries about bugs/disease??


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This is also my first year growing Seminole and I have had no problems so far and very little bug pressure this year.
Seminole is of the species Moschata which is more resistant to SVB than the maxima species which I believe the Red Kuri belong to.

I have 40-50 squash plants this year and lost 3-4. All Maxima. I could not find SVB entrance either. All in all it has been a very good squash year for me. I have not planted the Red Kuri but have Potimarron this year and have 4 or 5 nice squash on now. I have lost one or two plants out of this hill though.

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whgille(FL 9b)

I grew Seminole last year, in the beginning they were great. But later in the season, they can get pickleworms and mildew. They are a very strong growers, you need a lot of space. Flavor is very good and they keep well after harvest.

Here is the vine in the beginning of the season


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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Silvia (whgille),

Your plants look fantastic! I hope mine look as well this fall when the squash are ripening. Now that I know about the bugs and disease I will keep an eye on the plants - a very close eye!!

Thanks for the info on 'moschata'. I am going to look for other varieties of moschata - so that my plants can defeat the SVB.


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