Hibiscus leaf drop oh no!

auntiejan(9b-Melbourne)May 15, 2008

Well I'm not sure if it was the really hot weather followed by very cool, the fires, or alignment of the planets, or bad gardening... but I have six hibiscus of varying types that have decided to all yellow up on me and drop leaves like crazy. No bud drop. Yet.

They were fertilized with Osmocote, black Kow and Epsom Salts about 6 weeks ago and about every 2 weeks they have gotten a soaking with Miracle Grow. I water them a couple times a week with the hose and about once every two weeks they get deep root watering, at least until the rains come.

They have also been sprayed once or twice since February for pests and inspection revealed nothing more than a tiny bit of scale on some.

Did I do bad? Or am I being overly anxious? Any suggestions would sure be welcome.

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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)

Hibiscus tend to drop a lot of yellowing leaves just before a flush of growth.
Seems the right time for this to happen.
Maybe the fertilizing has hastened this.
Probably not a problem.
It might be a good time to trim them if needed.
Overwatering also causes a lot of leaf drop.
But it does sound like a normal growth situation to me.
Hope it all straightens out really soon.

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Thanks, I guess it kinda freaked me out that they were all doing it at the same time. Seems to have slacked off now. I do think they need to be sprayed for bugs again, though.

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A couple of mine have just dropped lots of leaves too. I think it's pretty normal this time of year. I wouldn't worry unless you don't see any new leaves appearing!


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ladyaustin96(z9NPR, FL)

The ones I just purchased for the backyard did the same thing...and they are blooming beautifully...new growth as well.


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