Harvesting a Big Max early.

acorn922August 6, 2012

I have a Big Max pumpkin growing, but it's getting too big for the space. It's almost three weeks old, and still hasn't turned orange yet. If I harvest it now, will it continue to fully ripen on its own?

Thank you.

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No, that's not near far enough along, it would just rot. Is the actual pumpkin too big for the space or the vine? Just prune the vines if you absolutely have to, or redirect them.

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Thanks for the reply.
I'll have to find a couple of people to help me move the pumpkin and vine.

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Sounds like a good sized pumpkin! Congrats! I wish I could see a pic of it! I have heard that some people put a piece of plywood under the pumpkin to help keep it from rotting! You can keep pumpkins growing for quite some time, I believe! Read all you can about how they do it growing the giant pumpkins. I think they need a lot of water and fertilizer. Of course too much rain is a different story, like we had last yr! Kind of odd, last yr we had too much rain, this yr, not enough!

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The pumpkin never got to contest proportions which is fine.
I'm picking it tomorrow. I never moved it either.

My new question is about another Big Max, which should be called a Small Max 'cause it's only the size of a football and seems to have stopped growing.
It's five weeks old and completely orange. I want to pick it 'cause there are garden thieves in the neighborhood.
If I pick it will it be able to sustain itself for a month or so if properly stored?

Thank you!

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