What is wrong with my pumpkin leaves?

springtogarden(6)August 22, 2013

I have a pumpkin plant that has a few wilted leaves. They did not perk up at 8 after the sun had gone down so I don't think it is the heat. Although, it has been hot for days with few breaks. Is it bacterial wilt? I have not seen any cucumber beetles in the area at all. Can any other bug pass it on? Is it nothing to worry about? Should I just pull this wilted leaves and bury this portion of the vine? The leaves have a slight case of PM but has slowed greatly thanks to the use of potassium bicarbonate. Thanks for all your help!

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Check for sassafrass at the base, if it is, it's probably SVB (aka my worst enemy)

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Hi Derek, I will look out for that terrible bug. I don't know how to block this nightmare. The squash bug and cucumber bug seem terrible too. It is enough to give me a headache.

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