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wildlifeman(5b)August 19, 2008

am thinking ahead to next year as i would like try for a pumpkin or 2 and gourds.

by what i've read these plants need lots of water. i've got this idea of maybe planting both on the downside of my pumphouse discharge water. i'm sure the water amount would be fine without oversoaking but am concerned about the salt.

not sure how the salt moves thru the soil,but do u all think it would inhibit if not kill the plants ? perhaps planting on the "edge" of the flow zone ?

do the wildlife find these vines tasty or would they possibly avoid them as they do my unprotected horseradish ?

i can be stubborn at times and will probably try it anyway for fun.

my full plan is to lay down cardboard over the entire area below the pumphouse after the soil has warmed,cut holes for my "hills",plant and then lay fencing on top of the plants elevated by cinder blocks to keep the critters at bay. when they outgrow the elevated top fencing i could just remove it to promote growth. this spot i would not put a conventional fence in. just temp. protection.

any thoughts would be appreciated.



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