N. Sea Oats and planting

coloradobirdJuly 16, 2008

Hi there,

I've decided to move a Graham Blandy boxwood and put some NSO there instead, but have a couple of questions first. Would NSO do okay in sun? I have some growing in shade and it's happy, but not sure about whether it will like a solid half day of sun (and we have intense sun here in CO). What do you think?

Also, would it be better to plant now and let it get established some before winter, or plant in the fall?

Thanks much!

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mikeygraz(5 Omaha, NE)

I planted some NSO here in Omaha late last summer and it didn't make it through the winter unfortunately. I would try and get it in as soon as possible and water it a lot to help it get established before winter - and make sure you mulch it really well - I think that was one of my problems. I think that the worst case scenario is you can try it - if it doesn't do well then you know better for the future. I have seen it and have personally grown it in full sun and it did very well - was just a bit shorter and more of a lime-green color than the dark green it gets in the shade.

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Mike, Thanks much. I'll give it a try then. I know it grows nicely here, because I have two little stands of it, but like I said, not in full sun.

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