caterpillars on my blueberry bushes

TriciaAugust 31, 2008

I have caterpillars denuding my blueberry bushes. They may be the same time of caterpillar, the smaller ones are similar in stripe but their bodies are georgia clay colored. Any ideas what they are?

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Perhaps the large one is Contracted datana - although I have been unable to find what it looks like in its adult phase.

or is it Symmerista albifrons.

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Yep, I got 'em too. Actually I get them every year. If you blow on them, they usually arch back in unison into a 'C' shape.

No need to worry, they won't harm the plant and they might provide a little food for a hungry bird.

I also have them now on one of my Fothergillas.

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I also get them every year and look forward to seeing them, but I cannot figure out what butterfly they turn into. I guess they get eaten before they can change. I had one left yesterday evening and it is gone this morning. :(

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I don't think that most caterpillars transform on the bush on which they feed. Once they are done eating (and growing), they walk off to find a place to turn into a butterfly (or moth). One year I had some milkweed in pots and there were other potted plants nearby. I always found the chrysalis hanging on a different plant, never on the milkweed.

Here is a link that might be useful: A bit of an explanation about the process

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