Have you ever had twins? Squash twins?

dancinglemons(7B VA)August 2, 2011

Hello all,

I'm just wondering if anyone has twins. I was on squash bug hunt yesterday and found several sets of Italian tromboncino zucchini twins. Well there are two growing from the same point in leaf axis. The blooms should open later today. I will post pics. I also have cucumber with 'twins'.


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Relatively common. Sometimes both grow together as conjoined twins, sometimes one or both dies.

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The twins are somewhat of a passion of mine. In the fall I regularly go around to all the produce stands and search for doubles. They are by far the most common in crookneck squash, all manner of acorn squash and jack-be-littles. I can normally find quite a few double ornamental gourds. Which are always fun because they come in all shapes, sizes and color combinations. They aren't nearly as common in the pie size pumpkins. And the rarest of all are the jack-o-lantern size pumpkins, I've only seen 3 in my life. I've never seen a double tromboncino, but then again they aren't common around here. I'll be interested to see pictures.

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What if you got a double atlantic giant? I bet that would give you a good shot at getting near a world record. Especially if it happened to somebody who was already likely to win, then they'd probably beat the competition for years.

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