Sunny Sunday

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)July 14, 2013

We had two days of cooler weather and now summer is back again today.

Diamond Executive

Watermelon Luminosity

Clarity Of Vision

Elijahs Taxi

Picked these green beans, peppers, eggplants and a zucchini for stir fry tonight.

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I know when I open up your posts there will always be bright ones in there. I love Watermelon Luminosity and am jealous, as always, of your vegetable gardening prowess.

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I like Watermelon Luminosity and Elijah's Taxi. The veggies look delicious.

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Okay, I am ready for stir-fry, just need a jet to get there--LOL!! Lots of pretty daylilies here especially Watermelon Luminosity. Avedon

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Nancy zone 6

Watermelon Luminosity is a feast for the eyes, really nice! Stir-fry would be good, your veggies look very nice for it. I was having an abundance of cucumbers. Bought some bush cucumber plants this spring in a 4 pack, each section must have had 3 plants. I can't find it in myself to cull, so I divided them out & planted them all. Way more cucumbers than I can eat & DH loathes anything resembling healthy. I canned pickles, made dill yesterday & bread & butter today. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will turn out ok. Supposed to wait a while before eating. Hopefully I can keep up with the cucumbers for a while now.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oh what beauties them daylilies are, love that second one. the veggies look good, too. whats the 2 light colored ones on other side of that purple eggplant?
jean. I just got finished eating one of my cucumbers awhile ago.I have gotten a bunch of cukes, just off 5 plants.and tomatoes, too.Have to quit eating tomatoes for awhile. too much acid in them, made my mouth sore, so have to leave them a lone for a few days


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Jean next to and on top of the purple eggplant are two white eggplants. Under that purple eggplant is the zucchini. This type is a very light green.

Am cooking now and dinner smells delicious!

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The arrangement of veggies is my pick--different colors, shapes, and textures. Of course, not to snub some very fine hems.

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Veggies look great. My fav. of the daylilies is Watermelon Luman. Glad you are having sun. It has rained every day here for at least 2 weeks. We need a few sunny days.

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Maryl zone 7a

My DH decided to grow eggplant this year, even though niether of us is crazy about it. I think he thought homegrown would be different. It's not. But in an arrangement of vegetables its color is beautiful.....Like everyone else I have to go with the glowing color of Watermelons Luminosity. Speaking of Watermelon....yum. Think I'll have some of that tonight......Maryl

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shive(6b TN)

Your veggies are looking good! Let us know how those white eggplants taste. I harvested my first cherry tomatoes today. We're having them on salad tonight. Watermelon Luminosity is my favorite of the daylilies because of its wonderful color. I like the triangular eye on Elijah's Taxi, and the Diamond Executive group shines against the fence.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Honestly I am not sure I can taste the difference between the white eggplant and that purple one.

I cut up the veggies and then was thinking. This is the first time I have had eggplant from my garden. So instead of stir fry I added marinara sauce to the pan until I had enough to coat everything. Then I covered and simmered at a low heat until tender. Just tasted a piece of eggplant. Oh yummy!

Time for dinner! :biggrin: :thumbsup:

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Julia NY(6)

Watermelon Luminosity is my favorite. Just love it when you post pics of it. Stir fry is a favorite here.

My eggplants are still small here but they are growing. Broccoli has good size heads, peppers are almost ready to pick. I can't wait to eat my first tomato sandwich :-) I'm starting to harvest the cherry tomatoes for our salads. I also did the San Marzano ones to make sauce in the fall.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I have cherry tomatoes too but am so wanting those regular sized ones to be ready.

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Oh man, Watermelon Luminosity is amazing. My peppers and veggies aren't quite ripe yet but it looks like your stir-fry is off to a good start!

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deangreen(7b OK)

that first pic just shines! very nice

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I hope you enjoyed your stir fry though how you couldn't with those great looking veggies is beyond me, by the way your DL's are pretty great to.

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