OT How do you get those iVIllage videos to stop

melinda155August 3, 2007

I can only read one message at a time now and those videos keep popping up and I can't shut them down!


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nygardener(z6 New York)

I think that if you are a paid member (about $15 a year) and you log in, the ads go away. Every once in a while my computer "forgets" I've logged in, and they reappear until I log in again.

If you are already a paid member, you have logged in to GardenWeb, and they are still appearing, then you have spyware or adware on your computer. McAfee, Norton, and others sell tools for $30-50 to get rid of them. There are also some shareware or free programs you can download that will do the job, but they are of varying quality.

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I am not a paid member and I have never seen pop-ups from this site. Do you know what browser you are using and what version it is? I use Safari if you are curious.

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I use netscape.
and this just started. never had it happen before. But when it pops up, i can't move it up or down OR side to side to try to find the cancel "X" It won't move!!! really fustrating. and i have McAfee. forgot to say, i have not paid either.

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In netscape try going to Edit > Prefrences > Privacy & Security > Popup Windows and then check the box that says block unrequested popup windows. That should take care of your problem.

Oh and those directions were for Netscape version 7.2

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Check the tomato forum. There was a discussion over there and someone listed how to get rid of the ads. I can't remember the exact post but I'll try to find it. It worked for me!! Found it-

Try this:

I don't know if there's some additional mozilla thing that will get rid of the ads you're still getting, but this will block them: (copied from another thread here)

"The Universal Solution: (if you have a PC)

This will work on Windows systems for all browsers; IE, FireFox and Netscape.

The Windows operating system provides a system-level method to block specific IP addresses before they even get to the browser. To effect this solution you need to edit a Windows system file called "HOSTS". This file is located in the directory:

Windows 98: C:\WINDOWS

Open the file in Notepad. Cut the following from this post and paste it to the end of the file. amch.questionmarket.com a820.g.akamai.net iv.doubleclick.net i.ivillage.com m.2mdn.net tste.ivillage.com img-cdn.mediaplex.com ads.vmirror.com cmhtml.ivillage.overture.com ads.pointroll.com xml.ivillage.overture.com cmls.overture.com cm.ivillage.overture.com

Close and re-open your browser and all the ads will be gone.

Unfortunately, iVillage may in the future buy ads from a new source. In this event the new ad source will have to be added to the list. "


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lynnem(5 Ohio)

An easy solution is to download the Mozilla Browser.. I have both Internet Explorer and Mozilla on my computer, mainly use the Mozilla. (Firefox)

I haven't seen one of those ads in a year. When I use IE, I'm reminded of how irritating they are.

You can download Mozilla/Firefox at their website:


Once downloaded, go back to the same site, and download their Adblock ad-on:


You'll never go back.....

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