Removing Purple Fountain grass seed heads?

breinhart(z7 Central VA)July 11, 2007

Our purple fountain grass got a head start this season and is in full "bloom". Should we be cutting off the seed heads that have already turned brown or just leave them? Will trimming cause the plant to send up more flowering spikes?

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I've tried it with other Pennisetum, and there was no additional blooming. The only purple variety I've tried deadheading was 'Purple Majesty,' and it added no new blooms.

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I agree with Donn, deadheading blooms rarely helps promote grasses to bloom more. Cutting back foliage, however, does promote tillering and new basal growth.

My advise though with those beautiful purple fountain grasses is to leave them on their own and let them bloom like crazy in the warm weather.

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breinhart(z7 Central VA)

Thanks for the repilies, we will let well enough alone. We have 6 container-grown plants and all started "blooming" much earlier than last year. We really enjoy the foliage and the blooms in the fall months.

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