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bouquet(z8 Dallas)July 20, 2005

I bought a beautiful grass similar (so far, anyway) in habit to 'Hamln'. It's been in ground about 2 months now and stands about a foot high. It is a stunning shade of bluish green and the plumes on the ends look like fluffy pink powder puffs.

Sorry I have no picture. Can anyone name that grass?


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AgastacheMan(z7 CA)

No picture, man you need a digital camera. Just playing with ya. Bluish green with fluffy powder puffs of pink. Maybe a Eragrostis of some kind , like spectabilis. A picture, unfortunately would help.

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Sounds like Pennisetum Orientale 'Karly Rose' to me. Taller than the plain orientale and distinctly purple/pink tinge to the botle brush flowers.

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bouquet(z8 Dallas)

I have got to find that tag. 'Karly Rose' isn't described as blue/green. This grass has a definite silver/ bluish cast.

Thank ya'll anyway, ok? When I get setup on Photobucket, I'll post a picture.

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Are you enough of a grass person that you can tell if it is a Pennisetum?? Don't put too much stake on whether a grass is described as "bluish-silver" or "blue-green" because conditions may affect foliage color to some extent. The main reason I said it may be a Karly Rose is because (a) it is already blooming for you (b) the purplish color of the "fluffy powder puffs." I still wager it's a Penn. Karly Rose.

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