Peanut Crown Pumpkin

acornetiAugust 30, 2014

French growers say "Potiron Galeux d'Eysines" (Gd'E) and fruits look like this:
Although it was originally bred as a crown pumpkin (like Turk's Turban) some centuries ago, here's no crown anymore, because growers select to have only warty lingerie...since the name Gd'E just means warty one form Eysines (Girondes, Bordeaux).
Also the whole world seems to dislike the old crown around the blossom end and that nice bonnet in it, we love this virtue!
Therefore we simply name our breeding-line of the Gd'E "Peanut Crown Pumpkin".

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Next year I will crossbreed my GdôE or Peanut Crown with that attractive fodder for dinosaurs: a stretto bred 1385.5 Jutras 07 (via 1172 Singleton 09) still growing now to become the ... Ammer 14
Itôs just a try...

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Harvested very healthy seed of that nice giant, which now is the 612 Ammer 14.
Only 1% empty, not developed or sick seed.
I do not fatten pumpkins, because I must have the best seed quality.

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Both of those are beautiful pumpkins, your golden rod make a nice ascent will you have seeds of both available in the seed swap? I would be interested in both??


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Thank you, slimfatty!
Today I harvested seed of the Gd'E peanut crown.
Flesh was deep orange and very juicy, but I did not eat it, because we ate a good old french melon 'Delice de la Table' today.
We have very nice seed with only 1% bad again.
I would feel honored, if you grew the cross Peanut Crown x 612.
Gd'E is a very peculiar variety, and I could grow only one fruit on every plant, while on other edibles I normally grow as much as possible from 5 to 15. Giant pumpkins also develop really great fruits only when you let only one to fatten it.
You might have losses in propagation or when set out through snails, voles...
And so you should have some more seed.
Iôll give you 10 x 612 and 10 from the best fruit of my Gd'Es, as you see at this picture above. And I would like to give you another giant with more lobes in pistils ans placental areas, which would fit quite good to Gd'E, because it also has a shorter stem-to-blossom ratio: 10 x 278 Ammer 14 (a stretto bred 1723 Marshall 11 from Alaska), which was pollinated in late July and grown without much fertilizers, because so I get better seed in late season. I love to grow giants under Solidago canadensis, as you see again with the 5 weeks old 278 with itôs great color: this deep yellow is not often seen on giants.
Sorry, lens was tarnished.
Would you like to barter seed from Cucurbitaceae or other plants?
Bye for now,
PS: Would other growers like to swap too?

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Early August there were not so many peanuts on that fruit seen above.

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a two times selfed 1385.5 Jutras 07

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Wow, acorneti, these are beautiful pumpkins!

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Oh chara2, what do you lust after?
In zone 9 you can grow the best C. moschata and not only my C. maxima here.
So I would offer you my new variety C. moschata `Estrovalô, which I bred as sibbling of my Musque du Litwinow. Both are F1 from C. moschata `Acornellaô pollinated by a C. maxima `Atlantic Giantô in 2013.
Acornella is a child of C. moschata `La Estrella` pollinated by the acorn squash C. pepo `Table Kingô.
As a musque with genetical influences of all three main species of pumpkins and squash, this fruit is a novelty with best flesh.
But this fruit does not mature in my climate zone 6.
I have to harvest it with 75% green skin and only 25% beige.
After two month stored outdoor but under roof I have 75% beige.
But how would Estroval ripen in climate zone 9?

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stem to blossom axis 38 cm
diameter 28 cm

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Thank you for your generosity! Of course, I could do a trial of this squash here in my garden, but I am just a hobby back yard gardener and won't be able to try more than a couple of plants per season. If that is OK with you - I will be happy to grow it and report back to you my observations. If so, then please, take a look at my exchange list and let me know of anything that may interest you.

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Iôm only a weekend and holiday gardener, but I hope to found a seed company a few years later, when I have enough new varieties of cucurbits to make a catalogue.
The picture below shows you a trash fruit, which is also a sibbling to Litwinow and Estroval from the Acornella F1, but this one is cruft, because it has the flesh of an acorn squash under the dark green skin in an outer ring and moschata flesh in the orange inner ring: a trash fruit.
This year we tried a pear-shaped yellow tomato, but this fruit was too starchy. My wife loves tomatoes with more fruity acid for her salad bowl, and so I would like to try your Medovaya Kaplya, your broadleaf Florida mustard greens and the red giant mustard.
Please eMail to
Your Estroval seed is dried and waits to go out.

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