Ornamental Grass Companions

dmcdorman(5)July 8, 2013

My parents are wanting to rip out some bushes and start over. The area is on a sloped yard that goes down to the lake. They're wanting to cover the area in front of the posts and storage under their covered porch. My dad wants to do ornamental grasses in front of each post with something in between each ( probably 6 ft between posts, 5 posts total) grass and then a row of something lower in front of the grasses and whatever is in between them.

I mentioned cannas going between the grasses but he wasn't sure until he saw a picture. I couldn't think of much for the front row other than hostas or lavender but was hoping for color rather than foliage but either is great.


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Some questions for you so we can offer good opinions as to OG companions:

What ornamental grasses did you/they have in mind? Some types are quite small while some can get 6' across, some 12' tall.

Your parents probably want OG that doesn't need a lot of maintenance in the years to come, so that's something to think about when choosing a OG...

Also, OG have different color hues, often changing during the seasons. The color may affect which companions would be more appealing.


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Good questions. They will probably lean toward green and possibly variegated. I'm thinking they will go with a maidengrass (miscanthus), ravennagrass or zebra grass.

The posts they will want the grasses in front of are probably 5-6 ft tall or more so size is fine.

Any and all suggestions about grasses and companions are welcome. Thanks!

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As companions, I'd like to suggest sedums. There are so many to choose from. Some of my favorites are Autumn Joy, Carl, Class Act and Dazzleberry (a low grower). Many sedum change color as the seasons progress and can offer some winter interest as well. They are sun lovers like OG and, once established, quite drought tolerant.

Another choice might be a shorter OG between the big ones. Boulder Blue fescue make interesting spikey mounds.

While my suggestions might not be the answer, I hope this gives you a springboard for ideas.

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