HAVE: Climbing Roses / some other roses in person trade

Michiganmissy2001(zone 6 SE Mich)August 10, 2004

HI all

I've been off the boards for awhile. When I moved into our home everyone and their brother gave me rose bushes for a housewarming including my husband who dragged a bunch home. They are really pretty blooming but require WAY more care than I have time for. I am keeping a couple of them for sure but the others have to go. I don't want to waste them so I'm hoping someone would like to come get them when I dig them up. Three are climbing roses. The blooms are dark red. They are all at least 4 years old but don't bloom well for me because I don't overwinter them the way I should. Or maybe they just don't like the soil or location. I don't know. I only get a handful of blooms each year from plants that otherwise look very healthy. I also have between 7 and 10 roses that are either shrub or hybrid teas. They have lots of pretty blooms but they are not in as good condition. I just don't have time to baby them so some have black spot. There are pink, salmon, red and yellowish white ones. I am looking for larger perennials and small shrubs in exchange for these roses and can't ship them due to their size so this will have to be an in person trade at my home. Please see my want list but I am open to most any trade. (I am not however interested in lilacs at this point as we have enough.) Thanks.


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Michiganmissy2001(zone 6 SE Mich)

Sorry, I didn't put my location. I live in southeast michigan about 45 minutes north of Detroit in Shelby Township.
Thanks Melissa

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myohhmy(z5 MICH)

I live in Macomb Township. Have some Coneflowers and other plants. Take a look at my list and email me if you are interest. Now is NOT really a good time to move roses though. Would you, could you wait until spring?

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Michiganmissy2001(zone 6 SE Mich)

I'd really like to get these out of here now so I can get some other perennials bedded down before winter. I hate to waste them but they are going to have to go.

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Hi Melissa,

Sure wish I had seen this post before I went out and bought some climbing roses!
Just wanted to say 'hi' and say your member page looks great!

I hope you found a home for those roses.


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llbean(z5 MI)

HI. I live in Highland (near Pontiac) how far away are you? Look at my plant list and I would love the dark red climber.. See my trade list..


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frogsntoads1(Z5 Michigan)

Hi Laura,

I live maybe 15 minutes from you, in Washington, MI. I would be interested in your rose hybrid tea roses and shrub roses. I have hostas, though unnamed but you could always stop by and visit my gardens and see what you like. I have lots of perennials. I could possibly even get you some blood grass. Let me know.


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frogsntoads1(Z5 Michigan)

OOps I posted to a Aug. "2004" post. Wow don't I feel silly!

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Leadfree(Great Lakes, MI)

I just found this web site. Have you gotten rid of all your rose bushes yet? What kind of flowers do you still need? I'm in Mt. Clemens.

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I know its been 2-1/2 years...but any chance you still have climbing roses that you want to be rid of? I'm looking for 2 for a new arbor that I am putting in my garden in Macomb Twp. Thanks! Michelle

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