Containing, restraining, restricting Horsetail Equisetum Hyemale

greginmichJuly 9, 2006

I am interested in planting horsetail next to a swimming pool but I am concerned about its invasiveness. I have several large boulders at the deep end of the pool and I would like to contain the equisetum hyemale to an area just behind the boulders. What I need to know is how deep the root barrier must be to prevent spreading. A woman at a local nursery (which did not have any to sell) told me 4" is all that is required but I am skeptical of this advice. Does anyone have any direct experience? I know it is not a grass but some of the ornamental grass books mention it.

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Mine grew under a barrier about 4". I dug it all up and started anew with it planted in large pots in the pool. I was surprised how deep the roots grew.

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Reading through some of the other discussions here, it would seem that this stuff is extremely hard to control once it escapes. One person said it goes as far as 36" deep, so 4" is not gonna cut it. I would recommend that the only way to truly control it is with a closed bottom barrier. Even a small drainage hoLe in a pot is enough for it to escape. A large, closed bottom terra cotta pot buried with the top inch or so above ground seems like a good bet. DO NOT LET IT GROW FREE IN THE GROUND OR YOU WILL LIKELY REGRET IT!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Mine is scraggly and pathetic in a pot. Go figure....

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