Question about Little bluestem and humidity

georgia_transplant(7b)July 29, 2008

I would really like to grow Little Bluestem, but from what I've read elsewhere on the forum, I am concerned it will flop in my humidity and soil.

In my beds, I have lovely Georgia red clay, with the top 8-12 inches amended with an inch or two of compost. The bed gets full sun. I do not use fertilizer of any kind and I water deeply once per week only if we get no rain.

Right now, I have white muhly grass, prairie dropseed and Northern sea oats thriving and not flopping in this bed.

Anyone else in Georgia or nearby with similar conditions able to grow little bluestem that doesn't flop?


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I obviously don't live in Georgia, but Little Bluestem is native here, so I know a little about it. It grows up in my prairie meadow on the hill above my house. I have many other grasses up there too that I am protecting, like native Muhly and Dropseed, Indian Grass, Sideoats Gramma, Switch Grass, Panic Grass, June Grass, as well as Big Bluestem and many, many others.

Drainage is the key to growing Prairie grasses. We have humid summers much like the Southeast and it doesn't bother them. The main thing is having good drainage. They like plenty of water, but do not like to stand in water.
However, it can take drought quite well.

The soil in my meadow is mostly clay in some areas and sand in others, but because of the slope it mostly drains well even where it is clay, all except one area. That area I want to make into a small marshland for the migratory fowl that fly over. It stands in water in spring and in wet , rainy years.

Hope this helps.
~ Annie

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