Phalaris ribbon grass

lucillleJuly 19, 2014

I'm trying to figure out how much of a thug it is. I have a patch where I'd like to plant it with about one lawn mower's width between it and the border. Do you think it can send a rhizome further than a mower's width and pop up in the border?

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I have mine planted in a chimney tile and a whiskey barrel. It's not one of those plants I want to let loose in my yard, and keeping it contained has worked well for me. Certainly I have other grasses that have sent rhizomes more than two feet.

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Thanks, I will look around to see what I can get as a container.

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Do you think it can send a rhizome further than a mower's width and pop up in the border?

In a heartbeat :-))

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I have a matching pair of clay pots set aside for 2 of the 3 plants. I will put a saucer or tile under the pots so a root/rhizome cannot get out through the drainage hole.
The last one I was thinking of planting in a small garden about 6 square feet where not a lot for plants are able to live- the driveway is on one side, the house is on a second side, and a curved sidewalk on the third side of the triangular garden.
I'm thinking that it would be difficult for the grass to send a rhizome all the way under the sidewalk and out the other side?

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I'll resonate what others have said here about the spreading. I had received a small division from a friend about 2 months ago, basically a stem with 3 blades (my apologies if I'm using the wrong terms here), around a foot tall in total (5" roots, 7" above). I planted into a pot, about 9" in diameter, and put outside in the garden w/regular watering and full sun. Within 2 weeks, I noticed 2 more stems popping up from the rhizomes. A month later, those stems became 4" tall and had 2-4 leaves themselves. Now, two months later, I have double that and each of the previous stems I mentioned are double their size in length and leaves/foliage on it. Some call this invasive, others say it is aggressive.

I'm interested, as well, how far the rhizomes can spread if inside some type of contained area or planter where you have a sidewalk, or some type of physical barrier, like bamboo barrier, present. I have to imagine that soil type, sunlight and watering affect that?

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I was planting the two plants today in pots and the roots are pretty pervasive and tough. I decided not to chance putting the third in the ground and divided it and put it in the pots.
In the Gulf Coast where the weather is warm I just felt it was not good to take a chance on unleashing such a plant, there is no appreciable winter to kill it.

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