Help with ID? (pics)

donn_(7b-8a)July 20, 2005

This grass is the result of wintersowing seeds described as "Foxtail Type Grass." I sowed 8 cells (1.5" square) with 10 seeds each, and got nearly 100% germination. I planted them out in mid-May, when the seedlings were about 8" tall. They were planted in 2 clumps of 4 cells each.

The rule is 4' high. Leaves are 3/4" wide, medium green, with a slightly raised midrib. Inflorescence is about 6" long.

The closest thing I can find is Elymus canadensis, Canada Wild Rye or Nodding Rye, but it has more foliage than the pics I've found on the web.

Any ideas?

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hayefield(Zn 6)

To me, it looks like giant foxtail (Setaria faberi)--a weed. I'd suggest not letting it go to seed!


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Good eye, Nan! I Googled descriptions and pics of S. faberi, and I'm pretty certain you're correct. Too bad. It's an attractive and fast-growing grass. I'll keep an eye on the seed heads, and either collect all the seeds, or destroy them before they ripen. I'll have to think about whether or not to grow it again.


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rivers1202(Z8a South Carolina)

I don't know the name but it grows wild along ditch banks and roadsides around here....I like the way it looks but I believe, as Nan said, that it's a weed.

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