How to Transpant Clipping

sneed(7)August 16, 2013

My pumpkin plant is basically dead with a few healthy looking vine endings with orange flowers. Is there a way to transplant these small clippings and see if they grow?

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Sneed, I've never managed to root a squash and get anything from it. If you can pile soil over the healthy part of the vines, they might root and grow. But unless you live in a subtropical area, I doubt there's time for them to produce anything.

Tahlequah, OK

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I have some trimmings growing out of the compost. They got half covered with grass clipping not flowering health vine.

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Well most of my vines now are actually "transplanted clippings" meaning that due to SVB damage, they are completely severed from the original vine, but have rooted so much along the vine that the plants are still healthy looking, and I hope when cooler temps arive (Im in Texas where its been in the 100s, and upper 90s for a while now) they will produce more fruit.

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