Purple Queen (Tradescantia pallida) problem help ?!?

tony_atlantaAugust 3, 2008

OK board mavens help me out here with my Purple Queen:

* Put in nice bed in the early summer

* Nice container grown plants from Pike

* Noticed when transplanting that a few of the runners were rotting off at the ground

* Thought this was overwatering at the nursery maybe

* Problem has persisted

* Every day I pull great handsful of dead runners; rotted off at the ground causing the runner to die.

* Bed is high and dry not overwatered - VERY careful about that


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Check the rotted stems and ground areas for pinhead size tan spheres. It may be southern blight- info on internet. I'm not sure what species are affected.

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doesn't really look like symptoms of SB --- no white stuff around the rot. I did notice lots of sow bugs at the base.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

If sow bugs are at the base my guess is that you planted it in very unammended red clay and the recent rains have had it rotting in the soil?

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The substrate is indeed hardpan red clay, but I amended it with peat and processed manure - and it really doesn't seem unduly wet as the location is on top of a retaining wall. So who knows ?? I still think it is some bug or fungus that I imported with the purchase!

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These plants like lean, dry soil and will rot if the conditions are too rich and moist. I would not use peat to amend clay soil because it holds moisture when wet and the manure provides a substantial dose of nitrogen, which the plant probably doesn't need or like. You would do better to amend the soil with a product like permatill or pea gravel, or even remove most of the clay soil and replace with a nice draining top soil.

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