My egg gourds

dinkeydot(z7Tennessee)August 14, 2004

To follow up on my ealier post about egg gourds...

I have never seen so many gourds! Those egg gourd plants really produce. I know I must have at least 200 eggs and that on only with about 6 plants. I hope that it doesn't take TOO long for them to dry, (as I was informed by a very nice fellow forum member...Caseyst), because I really am looking forward to making ornaments with them. If they are like apple gourds, they will take a long time. My apples took what seemed like forever! At any rate, I will have enough of this kind of gourd to do me awhile and I can grow something different next spring.

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online_annie(z5 IL)

I have been trying to locate good seeds for egg gourds. Although I have purchased and planted many, I have yet to produce any actual egg gourds. I keep getting a strange crossbreed that is nothing like an egg gourd.
Would you be interest in selling some of your seeds I would like to try one more time next year.
Look forward to hearing from you!

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Wow-Dot-that's a bumper crop. I think I'll try planting some small gourds next year.
I skipped planting gourds this year and miss growing them.

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Annie, I have answered you by e-mail. Robin, yes, the crop was great. Consider how many eggs I would have had if I had planted more seeds! :) :) My husband built many shelves in our garage and where there is room I have egg gourds all over them. It looks like I have robbed every hen's nest in the county! I have really enjoyed making Christmas ornaments with the ones that I have so these gourds won't go to waste. Thanks for your replies and interest, guys!

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mistyq(south carolina)

do you have any egg s to share?

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