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peppergrowman09August 12, 2009

Hi. I'm leslie. I'm a new pumpkin grower. i had decided to start a garden this year. So in january i started growing peppers. i was and am still interested. and now another group of veggies veggies had caught my interest when i was looking at a compost tea video on youtube. I decided to grow cucurbits as well. I got some seeds from a friend. She has a special type of pumpkin she grows is her variety called smiths huge round. i planted the seeds and got a few up. but On my part i killed 2 and now have to left. I was wondering if i could get some tips for growing pumpkins. and also i would like a few pumpkin seeds of different varieties. I have seeds from a bahamian store-bought variety. i could send a few to u guys. would to try some giant pumpkins and small ones too.

Thanx to all.

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

Squash and pumpkins are heavy feeders -- they like rich soil and plenty of room for their roots. But given reasonable soil, reasonable moisture, and reasonable elbow room they grow with little attention.

The biggest problem for most people is the Squash Vine Borer and the Squash Bug (see many threads here about dealing with those dire pests).

I absolutely love growing squash and pumpkins. I love to see those rampant vines that grow so fast its almost visible. :-)

What zone are you in and what sort of soil do you have?

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I live in the bahamas actually. My soil is about a 7.5 . its great for my peppers so i think it should work for my pumpkins

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

They like a lot of organic material in their soil and need plenty of water in the early stages (if you're on sand they'll need plenty of water period).

Good luck with them.

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