Moudry vs. Hamelin Pennisetum - what's the diff?

growitnowJuly 18, 2009


Can those of you who have grown both Hamelin and Moudry offer a compare and contrast? I'm having a tough time deciding based on web/pics, etc.

I know the darker plumes of Moudry but can you inform on color (is one nicer green than the other), height/size of grass clump (excluding plumes), think vs. thick leaves, etc.

Basically..what's it look like :)

Thanks for any input,


zone 7, Virginia in Richmond area

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They look very different from one another.

'Hameln' is a smaller plant, generally 2' x 2' in size, with ~1/4" wide leaves. It tends to hold it's flowers higher off the plant, and blooms earlier than 'Moudry.' It is a lighter green color, and looks more like a traditional Fountain Grass in habit.

'Moudry' is larger (3' x 3') and has ~1/2" wide dark green leaves. It's habit is more like a mound or tussock than a fountain, and it's flowers are larger and darker in color, and held more closely into the foliage.

They are both great grasses, but if you grew them side-by-side, you wouldn't think they were in the same species.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Moudry also has a bad reputation for self-sowing vigorously in warmer zones (yours) and Moudry is not nearly as hardy in the colder zones (zone 5 & down). That said, I love the leaves on Moudry, very swishy :o)

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