bee balm

lary1047(z5 MI)January 29, 2006

Hello there from SE Michigan!

We have spring fever with this warm weather now in January. We are looking to plant a new prennial bed this spring and thought maybe totally of diffeent bee balms to attrack hummers.

Any suggestion of what types and colors, one of the reasons for bee balm by itself we would not have to worry about it taking over and going into other parts of the garden. A couple of years ago we planted some and put them in a sunkin 5 gallon paint pail as we did with our obedient plant and it kept them contained.

Thanks Happy Spring

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I have the fever too, Lary1047. I noticed my garden's first hummingbirds late last season and fell in love with the little jewels and hope to attract them even earlier this year.

The word is that Jacob Cline Monarda is particularly attractive to the hummers and so I planted a couple of those as well as the variety, Marshall's Delight, late in the season last year -I'm looking forward to seeing if they have the same draw in my garden.

I think I'll also be keeping my eye out for Robert Kemp canna lilies as well as Lady in Red salvia (Salvia coccinea) and Black and Blue (Salvia guaranitica) as added garden attractions for the wee ones.

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colleen_mi(5b/6a SE Mich)

Last year was the first time I saw a hummer in my yard, and YES, it was around the Jacob Cline monarda. They also seemed to like the anise hyssop. Both of those plants were new to my yard, so I guess it's true about planting it and they will come. :-)

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I think that is a great idea, lary! Last summer I was picking raspberries at a farm that did cut flowers as well- near a lake, but other than that I can't remember where.. and they had the brightest red, hugest blossommed bee balm I ever saw. So I went on a quest to find this lovely specimen- which she did not know the name. What I did find, however, was a nursery just barely north of Allegan that had about 10 types of bee balm that were all in flower when I was there. The colors!! From red to wine to pink to purple. All sizes of flowers- some had one row only of flowers in a circle, some were fluffy and full. Combining them all in one bed would be a hummers dream! I bought at least two, but can't remember what they were called either.. sorry!

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