Question about irises

gmom74August 4, 2009

I need to move some irises to a spot where they can be seen from the porch when they bloom. If I move them now will they bloom next year?

Off that subject- I am so disappointed in our bed of annual vinca. They have begun to wilt and die, probably from a fungus I was reading about. We used to have a bed of them on the south side of the house that did the same way. I quit planting them there. Annual vinca is so pretty but looks like I'll have to replace them with something else. This late in the summer it will probably be chrysanthemums.

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Hi gmom! I think they should be ok! I have even thrown surplus iris into the compost pile -- they kept growing and blooming in the compost! They are sturdy!

I don't know about vinca. I am really looking forward to fall so we can get back out and play in the dirt!

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Thanks, bagsmom. I was reading about the irises and one site said a good time to move them is late July into August. That would give them time to develop enough to bloom the following year. I'm going to give it a try. I'm looking forward to cooler days, too.

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Best time to move iris is just after blooming. Now should be fine if you do not bury too deep and keep slightly moist till Sept(not wet). Keep the roots in their fan shape and do not cover the tubers by Nmore than a third. use stakes if you need to keep them in the ground. Should be lovely by next spring. Also if dividing, at least one set of leaves per root division.

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