Pumpkin vines - The natural die out

acorn922August 26, 2012

When the vines start to die out naturally, do you still keep watering? When should I stop?

I have a couple pumpkins that are starting to turn orange, and a few that just got pollinated.

Thank you.

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If there is any green to the vine I keep watering. Most of my vines have started dying off from the point of origination, but the outlying vines are still prospering. I especially continue to to water them if they still have green pumpkins.

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Glad to know I'm doing something right! lol! I've kept watering and pruning, cutting off the dead stuff so that the green vines that are still growing well, will keep producing. I didn't do well w/ my minis this yr, however, I did do well w/ my gourds.

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